Sunday, June 30, 2013

References on ultraviolet light, including longwave (A) 

UVA inactivates bacteria

Search on ultraviolet A.

Remember the role of UV in relation to luminous bacteria.

UVA induces same mutations in human skin cells as UVB.

UVA and photodermatoses.

UV index meters measure A and B.

CCOHS says UVA can penetrate deep and affect skin. (Also cataract.)

Book on UVA specifically. (In humans.)

Claims that UVA will kill bacteria.

Acute effects on the skin of UVA.

Bacteria can be sensitised by some chemicals to UVA.

UVA and UVB on birch trees' leaves.

Sunshine on a cloudy day.

If UVA produces cataracts, are Canberrans more likely to get them?

May need to try to remove UVA by using glass or something? (measure UVB by measuring without and with glass and taking the difference?)

Claims that glass stops UVB but not UVA.

Similar claim.

Uses of blacklight, UVA.

Another similar meter with use suggested in plant science.

More about UVA and skin.

Biochemical damage by UVA. At Wikipedia.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet. "UVA does not damage DNA directly like UVB and UVC, but it can generate highly reactive chemical intermediates, such as hydroxyl and oxygen radicals, which in turn can damage DNA." True in bacteria too?

South East Asian haze in 2013.


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