Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UV light, clouds, microbes and frogs 

Some time ago, I wrote a post on the possibility that the low ultraviolet light in rainforests, such as that I once measured in North Queensland, might contribute to rainforests being "hot zones" for disease organisms.

I want to raise a few more points here, and I shall flesh out this post over time. The points relate to the role of UV light in the ecology of microbes and other organisms. I want to touch on microbes in clouds; UV levels in clouds; the role of low UV in seasonality of ailments due to bacteria and viruses, such as respiratory illness; the role of UV in creating microenvironments in forests (for example, the work of Frances Haines, Barbara Han and myself in measuring UV light in rainforests); the importance of UV to frogs and reptiles; and the penetrance of UV into bodies of water.


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