Monday, April 04, 2011


Wide ranging implications of a chromosomal conflict model of the evolution of sex

In 2006, I published a theory of the evolution of sex, with a paper in the journal Calodema entitled "Did conflict between chromosomes drive the evolution of sex?" The short paper is available here:


The paper is cited at the Wikipedia article on intragenomic conflict:


Since then, this paper has been cited by Glansdorff et al.:


Over the next few months, I hope to add to this post a discussion of the various possible ramifications of my theory, which has already proved useful to Glansdorff et al., in their paper in the Journal of Molecular Evolution entitled "The conflict between horizontal gene transfer and the safeguard of identity: origin of meiotic sexuality". This paper in the Journal of Molecular Evolution has itself been cited three times already.

It seems to me that my theory of chromosomal conflict driving the evolution of sex may have implications for many areas of biology. I hope to expand on that theme here over time.


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